Cash Advance Lenders Help Maintain Credit Scores

Those with poor or no credit scores will most often use cash advance lenders when needing some extra cash. Creditors are not providing new lines of credit very readily and folks are seeking alternative avenues. Since the payday loan lender is not affiliated with any type of credit check that is one number a borrower won’t have to worry about.No-credit check will help protect whatever kind of credit score you have at the moment. Most creditors will make an inquiry to your history which will take more points off of your score. If they say no, you are left with no money and now a score lower than before. Each creditor you apply to will do the same except for the cash advance lender online who will never make a hard inquiryto your credit history. Your credit score is affected by enough already, so if you have plans for your future finances, a payday loan lender online will offer you fast cash without any marks.Credit scores can be confusing. Not only does a person need to understand a bit about how their finances work for them, but then there are also reporting discrepancies. About 25% of people who request their credit scores will get a different number than what a lender would see.There are two models for your credit score and they each use a different range in ranges. Fico scores range is from 300 to 850 while the VantageScores range from 501 to 990. If your score is reported as an 800, it would be a really good score if it is from Fico, but not so great if reported from the other. Many consumers who obtain their credit score will use this knowledge when looking for new lines of credit or loans. Having different information from the creditor could lead to more harm towards your score. You could confidently apply for a credit card thinking your score is high enough, but then get turned down because their figure is below their approval range. If you are approved, it may mean that your interest rate will start at a higher number.Creditors have distinct levels for the scores. Falling into certain levels automatically gets your request denied. What level you are in determines the rates you pay as well. Applying for credit you think you are approved for will just mess your credit up even more. Every hard inquiry done by a potential new lender will continue to drop your score a few points each time.Cash advance lenders online have helped many people who are working at maintaining or improving their credit. These short-term loans do not interfere with your credit score at all and will not unless you completely default on them. Once a loan is bad and it gets sold to a collector, your credit will then be tarnished from it. Don’t go the cash advance lender route if you will not have the money to pay back your loan. High interest for these loans when kept out longer than two weeks are not cost effective and can possibly be dangerous to your finances.

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